Chapter 2043

The woman’s eyes glided over the curtain. She could see the silhouette flitting about behind the veil. “Joaqin expressed his wish to marry Ms. Serrano to you.” The silhouette inside froze, comb still locked in black, smooth hair. A peal of laughter suddenly erupted from beyond the curtains. “Oh, Joaqin has such a sick sense of humor. Imagine, asking me to marry a squawking chimpanzee!” The woman cast her eyes to the floor. “Mr. Southern has refused.” Cameron was done grooming. The silhouette emerged from behind the curtains, cutting a sleek, tidy figure made even more handsome by an aura of heroism. A melange of languidness, laid-back casualness, and unflappability hung over the figure’s face. “So, Dad’s decision to let Mr. Beck take care of The Commune really threw The Serpents off, didn’t it? And the only solution they could come up with was political marriage. Well, sucks to be them. I’m not… ‘husband’ material.” The woman sighed. “It’s a potential blow to your identity. That’s

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