Chapter 2057

All humans were known to be selfish. If he were to force the other party into a corner, he would leave himself with little room to maneuver. It would only backfire if he was too eager to see immediate success. Joaqin was not an idiot, and this was not the time for him to act too obviously. “Since you don’t like Florence, I won’t force you to accept the marriage arrangement.” Joaqin lifted his gaze. “However, the Southerns should still provide me with an explanation on the incident where Neal Beck made a move on my daughter, shouldn’t you?” Cameron fiddled with the empty teacup on the table. “It’s not difficult for us to explain that, but Ms. Serrano is the one who created a stir at the hall, so shouldn’t she be the one who apologizes first?” Joaqin was slightly displeased. “It’s Florence's fault for making a scene at the hall, and she can apologize for that, but isn’t that too intentional for him to beat her up to that extent?” She asked him in return, “If someone were to cause tr

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