Chapter 2058

Joaqin turned around and ignored her. “Since you don’t want to apologize to them, you’re not allowed to get out of this building from today onward. Now go back to your room.” She bit her lower lip and dashed upstairs exasperatedly. Manuel witnessed the whole process of Florence being wronged, and what he saw tortured him in all possible ways. He had been with the young lady for so long and had never seen her be wronged. He did not understand the reason Joaqin would compromise with the Southerns. ‘Those people deserve to die.’ Florence had been grounded, and Joaqin had to send someone else to the Commune to apologize on her behalf to show their sincerity, which was the end of the matter. A few days later, Cameron went to the port to check on the goods. The Southern Clan went through the goods that they imported and exported very rigorously, and any non-compliant or illegal goods would be destroyed immediately. She took her men on board the cargo ship, and the female bodyguard behi

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