Chapter 2064

The bodyguard opened the door to the clubhouse for her. It was still idle. There were no other customers other than some staff. The server walked forward. “I’m sorry, ma’am. We’re not open today.” Cameron played with her hair sultrily which stunned the server. “I’m not here as a customer. I’m here to see the owner. Please inform him.” Someone went to inform him and Mr. Peralta, who was worrying about his confiscated crates of liquor, became alert when he heard that someone was looking for him. “Who is it?” “It’s a woman.” Collin was surprised and relieved. Anyone would be alright as long as it wasn’t a Southern. Cameron was waiting in the private room, and Collin was stunned when he entered. The woman sitting on the couch was so beautiful it was impossible to forget her face. Men were all attracted to beauty, so when he met someone who looked like that, he just couldn’t get his eyes off her. All the beautiful women in the world would receive special treatment from men. Even

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