Chapter 2065

Cameron’s red lips curled. “Enemy of my enemy. I’m sure you don’t want your finances to be affected because of the Southern Clan, right?” Collin hesitated but was swayed. Cameron called out, and a few bodyguards came in carrying a few crates of liquor. They placed them on the table and opened one of them. Cameron took out a bottle of red wine. “Do you want to take a look?” Collin took it and was shocked. “These are…” Cameron’s smile widened. “The liquor that you ordered. To be honest, Ms. Serrano has some spies at the Southern Port, and they’ve helped a lot.” Collin wouldn’t have guessed that the person who would end up helping him was Florence. Cameron raised her brows. “What do you think?’ “Great, perfect.” Something came to his mind, then his face froze. “But how are you going to explain to the Southern Clan?” She curled her hair around her finger. “We’ve swapped the good-quality liquor with counterfeit liquor. They’ll never know.” Collin was elated about this unexpected

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