Chapter 2066

By the time the car arrived at the Southern mansion, most of the maids had fallen asleep. Mahina opened the door for Cameron, and the latter hastily went into the courtyard after getting out of the car. However, little did she expect that she would run into someone. The surroundings were dimly lit, and the light that came from the house had given her the chance to see who the person was in front of her. Cameron’s heart skipped a beat, and she froze. Looking at the scantily-clad woman with heavy makeup, Waylon fell silent. Cameron covered her face with her hand, and her palm was filled with sweat. She had forgotten that Waylon was staying in their house. “M—” When Mahina saw Waylon, she was so shocked that her soul nearly left her body. She rushed forward and covered Cameron with a jacket. “Miss, this is Mr. Goldmann. He’s Mr. Southern’s friend.” Waylon frowned. He gazed at the woman’s half-covered face and chuckled. “Since when Mr. Southern Sr. has a daughter?” “She isn’t Mr.

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