Chapter 2074

Joaqin raised his head, and his face looked expressionless. “Are you the one who hired someone from the Skull Club to assassinate Cameron on their territory?” Florence did not expect that her father would question her about this, and her expression dimmed. “So what if it’s me? As long as Cameron is dead, we’ll be able to—” “You f*cking piece of sh*t!” Joaqin was so infuriated that he swept the teacup on the table to the floor. He then got up, walked up to Florence, raised his hand, and slapped her. Florence, who got beaten once again, gnashed her teeth, and her eyes turned bloodshot as she burst into laughter. “You’re always so afraid of the Southerns. No wonder you can only be bullied by them throughout all these years. You’re nothing but a coward!” “You shut up!” The blue veins on Joaqin’s forehead bulged. “You actually have the balls to do such things on the Southern Clan’s territory. Do you really think you’re capable enough to deal with Cameron?” Florence turned her head to

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