Chapter 2075

Cameron raised the whip in her hand. “Do you want to learn?” Daisie was startled and pointed to the whip. “You want me to learn how to use a whip from you?” “Don’t underestimate the power of whips. Whips are considered one of the cold weapons that have existed since ancient times. There are eleven ways to maneuver a whip, and there are soft and hard whips. You can use a single whip or dual whips. Metal whips and leather whips are the most common ones, and this is a leather whip, the more common one out of the two. It’s the easiest to maneuver for beginners.” Daisie took the short red whip from her. It was indeed made of leather, and it felt cool to the touch. The key was that it was very portable, and the craftsmanship was very pretty. Cameron smiled. “If you like it, I’ll give it to you.” Daisie was startled for a split second. “That’s not very appropriate...” Cameron shoved the whip into her hand. “There’s no need to be this polite with me. Take it. I’ll get Mahina to teach you

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