Chapter 2079

Waylon enjoyed the show. As they were leaving, he observed Manuel’s expression while slowly following behind Sunny. Cameron followed along too. Florence watched them leave and curled up her fists with extreme hatred in her eyes. Her father wouldn’t have died so horribly if not because of the Southern Clan. They couldn’t even find his body! The Southern Clan started the war this time, so they couldn’t blame her for wanting to end it. When they got into the car, Cameron looked out of the window. “Dad, is it possible that Joaqin is still alive? They’re having a funeral without a body. Don’t you think that it’s strange?” Waylon turned to look at her. “Doing that without a body would prove that Mr. Southern Sr. was right. Someone urgently wanted Florence to take over. “If they’re going to leave the Southern Clan, they’re going to Fabio. Instead of waiting for them to attack us, why don’t we attack first?” Sunny, who was in the passenger’s seat, laughed. “Yes, Willy understands.” C

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