Chapter 2080

“From what I see, Donald knows someone among The Serpents. Donald knows how to charm people and treat them very generously, so if he gave them some benefits, they would do as he says.” Sunny thought what Nollace said made sense. He looked at the sea. “What do you plan to do with this key information?” Nollace looked calm. “Donald would only do that because he has a backup plan. If we tell Fabio now, it might backfire. We should wait until we have enough information and destroy him.” Sunny smiled. “I thought you couldn’t wait to tear him down. I guess you’re a very careful man.” Nollace replied. “Better safe than sorry.” “How’s Joaqin?” asked Sunny. Nollace chuckled. “He’s lucky to still be alive. If you didn’t ask me to keep an eye on Manuel, he would probably be dead at the bottom of a hill now.” “So, you saved him. I thought he really died.” When he got the news, he thought that it was the end of the road for Joaqin, but when he attended the wake, and the casket was empty,

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