Chapter 2086

Daisie scratched her cheeks and explained in embarrassment, “Uh... Perhaps there’s nothing to be jealous of.” ‘He hit a home run last night. It’d be too much for him to be jealous of me now.’ Cameron crossed her arms and looked unhappy. “That’s no fun. I was just thinking of becoming his so-called love rival.” Daisie smiled without saying a word. Meanwhile, Waylon was looking at the courtyard with Nollace, and his expression looked calm. “You don’t seem to mind Daisie being so close to Cameron.” Nollace retracted his gaze and laughed. “It’s no big deal.” Waylon squinted slightly. “It seems that you already knew?” Nollace turned his head to look at Waylon. “What do you mean by that?” “What do you think?” He did not answer the question directly and responded very mysteriously, keeping others away from the truth—this had always been Waylon’s personality. If it were someone else who was not cautious and shrewd enough, they would most probably have been deceived most of the time.

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