Chapter 2087

Daisie acted domineeringly but still looked adorable. Nollace could not help but feel helpless. Daisie turned around and said to Cameron, “Cam, didn’t you say that you want to take me out? Let’s go now.” She left the scene first, and Cameron did not reject her. When she glanced at Nollace, a hint of pride flashed across her face. Nollace was at a loss for words for a moment. Waylon finally realized that Daisie was helping Cameron cover up her identity. The car drove slowly toward downtown. Cameron glanced at Daisie and chuckled. “Thank you.” Daisie sighed. “Nollace and Waylon aren’t individuals that you can fool so easily. I think they’ve already started to be suspicious of you.” Cameron looked out the window. “Wayne has seen me in women's attire, so it’s normal for him to start to suspect me.” Daisie was shocked. “When did that happen?” Cameron chuckled and turned to look at her. “I’m the Ms. Torres that he mentioned the other day.” Daisie came to enlightenment all of a s

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