Chapter 2088

After seeing that they were not moving at all for a long time, Florence got annoyed. “What are you doing standing there!?” The group of men in black had no choice but to bite the bullet and make a move on Cameron. Seeing that they were about to engage in a fight, the others retreated further away for fear of getting implicated. Several men rushed up to Cameron. She did not even dodge and faced them head-on. The two men on the left and right got their wrists grasped by her at the same time. She then did a backflip, landed, and kicked the man who was dashing toward her from behind. When another man attacked her from behind, she rolled backward off the back of the man on the floor, grabbed the man’s arm, and elbowed the man’s neck. She was astonishingly swift, and everything happened in just one go. Seven or eight men in black suits dropped to the ground and groaned in pain. Florence’s face paled. She bit her lower lip, and her gaze swept across the boutique, and she saw a knife on

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