Chapter 2092

Daisie turned to look at her, then squinted. “Daisie, did you do that intentionally?” She played dumb. “Did what intentionally?” Waylon smiled. “Are you afraid that I found something?” Daisie shook her head and continued to bluff. “No. Are you trying to find something?” Waylon stared at her. He knew that his sister was a great actress, but he was able to see through that. “Daisie, am I the brother who loves you the most?” She smiled and walked next to him. “Of course. You’re the nicest to me.” Waylon looked at her with a wide grin and asked, “You’re hiding something from me, right?” Daisie coughed and looked away. She didn’t know if he already knew something. He sighed. “I thought you would trust me. How could you be so close to another man?” He seemed to be saying that she was ‘cheating’. Daisie pouted. “Don’t say that!” Waylon squinted. “Then why are you hiding it from me?” Daisie blurted, “It’s not that I want to hide it—” When she saw Waylon raise his brows, her mouth

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