Chapter 2093

Manuel stood behind her and watched while she threw a tantrum. Even though he felt bad, he thought that she was always too hasty. “Mr. Puzo just wants you to lay low for now because the timing isn’t right yet.” “When will it be the right time!?” Florence grabbed him by the collar. “You said that if I took over my dad’s place, I could do whatever I wanted, but ever since I joined Fabio, he’s been looking down on me! “Cameron, on the other hand, keeps bullying me. Not only do you pieces of trash not help me, but you also keep asking me to tolerate it!” Her radical words made Manuel ball up his fists. “Tsk tsk, you’re such a fiery woman.” Donald walked into the villa with his men. She frowned. “Who are you? This is between us, The Serpents. You have no place here.” Donald smiled. “If you can’t keep calm, you’re not going to be able to do great things. The heir of the Southern Clan has no time for your games because he doesn’t even care about you. You overestimate yourself.” Flor

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