Chapter 2101

Daisie turned her head around and walked toward Sunny. “He’s gone out with Cameron since early in the morning. I wonder if the matter has been resolved.” Sunny sat on the rocking chair, picked up a palm fan, and fanned himself with it. “Don’t worry. There is nothing that Cam can’t solve. Not to mention that your brother is there with her. She’ll be fine.” Daisie dragged a tiny stool along and sat down beside him. “That’s not the mindset that you should have. Even if Cameron is very strong, you can’t always feel so at ease with her. After all, she’s still a lady, so no matter how capable she is, you still need to worry about her.” He was startled and stared at Daisie. However, he was at a loss for words for a while. He had been raising Cameron like a son all these years. Cameron had always lived up to his expectations and could handle many things independently, so he tended to sometimes forget that she was his daughter. From his perspective, there was nothing that she could not acc

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