Chapter 2102

Daisie blinked. “What do you want to bet on?” Sunny looked at her and explained, “We’ll bet on who out of the two of them will admit to taking a fancy to the other party first. I’m placing all my bets on your brother. He’ll be the one to admit his fall first. Whoever loses has to agree to one condition for the other party. How about this?” Daisie agreed to the bet without hesitation. … As evening approached, Cameron ordered a table of scrumptious dishes at Yuzu Villa and asked the waiter to open a bottle of Merlot. She also hired a pianist to play some music in the private room to add to the fun. Seeing that Waylon had not even taken a bite for quite some time, Cameron lifted her gaze. “You’ve been running around all day. Aren’t you hungry?” He stared at the wine in his glass. “I’m fine.” She poured herself a glass of wine too. “How should I put this? You’ve done me a big favor today, so allow me to buy you a meal.” He lifted his gaze casually and let off a faint smile. “I’ve b

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