Chapter 2103

Waylon noticed her unusual gaze and raised his gaze. “What’s wrong?” Cameron put down her silverware and asked bluntly, “What kind of benefits have you given to my father?” He narrowed his eyes. “Benefits?” “What else could it be? You’re an outsider, but he values you so much that he allows you to interfere in the Southern Clan’s affairs.” Waylon sneered immediately. “If that’s your concern, what about Nollace?” Cameron choked on her own words. “Can I even compare the two of you on the same level? The relationship that Nollace and my father have is, at best, profit-driven.” ‘Even if I’ve taken his cheque, unilaterally, our relationship can only be considered as an alliance formed based on mutual benefits. ‘Not to mention, my father doesn’t allow Nollace to interfere in the affairs of the Southern Clan. So how can I not wonder if Wayne has secretly bribed my father behind my back?’ Waylon took a sip of soup calmly and slowly. “Are you saying that I’ve paid Mr. Southern Sr. only

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