Chapter 2142

Andrei looked anxious. “No, you can’t—” “You’ve cheated and stolen a lot of money. The debtors will eventually get it back from you. By the way…” Cameron looked gleeful and was even more arrogant than he was. “I have Donald supporting me. Even Fabio has to bow down to him.” Waylon squinted because he knew what she was doing. Those men had lost money because Andrei cheated and were annoyed that they didn’t get to do anything to him. Now that this woman called him out, they all rushed forward and started beating him up. Even his men weren’t able to intervene. Daisie walked next to Cameron. “I was so worried just now. I thought you really lost.” Cameron clapped her hands. “I’m not here to gamble. I came to catch him.” She was annoyed that Manuel was dead and had been trying to get back at them. She knew that Andrei had been cheating at The Palermo, but everyone knew who he was, so she couldn’t intervene. Cameron had started paying attention to Andrei because he had paid the secur

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