Chapter 2143

Cameron had nothing to say to that. She touched her nose and cleared her throat. “Alright, I’ll pay more attention so that her husband doesn’t come after me.” She walked into the yard with Waylon. When she saw a helper walk past, she grabbed Waylon’s hand and hid behind him. Waylon was shocked as he looked down at her hand that was grabbing onto his. The helper smiled. “Welcome back, Mr. Goldmann.” He nodded courteously. The helper noticed the woman behind him. “This is?” He smiled. “She’s—” Cameron dug her nails into his arms, which made him take a sharp breath and look back at her. “Ms. Torres.” The butler just happened to walk in with Sunny at that moment. When Sunny saw the woman behind Waylon, he thought that another woman had gotten to his future son-in-law. He frowned. “Willy, who’s this lady?” The butler recognized Cameron from her outfit, but since the helper was there, he didn’t speak up. Waylon smiled. “Can’t you tell?” Sunny was stunned, but he walked forwa

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