Chapter 2144

The few men suddenly understood, and someone teased. “I thought you said he was dressed up as a woman.” “I’m pretty sure he would look beautiful as a woman. He has a feminine face.” “Right, Mr. Goldmann?” Waylon had a ‘scandal’ with Cameron, so they asked what he thought. Waylon looked at Cameron’s face and stopped there, then smiled. “He does.” The few men laughed. Waylon looked back at them. “Do you think you’d be able to accept it if he really was a woman?” Cameron froze. What was he thinking? They were shocked for a few moments. “I think it would be pretty scary if he were a woman.” Another man rebuked him. “How would it be scary? Wouldn’t it be nicer? I’d want a gentle lady more. How long would you be able to handle his torture?” Probably recalling how Cameron had beaten them up during training, that man suddenly understood. “Right. We would have easier training sessions if Mr. Southern Sr. had a daughter.” Cameron took a deep breath. She would have kicked their butts i

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