Chapter 2187

Cameron picked up her silverware and started eating while Sunny put his down. “Willy is about to leave. What are your thoughts on that?” Cameron froze for a moment, lowered her head, and continued eating. “What idea do you expect me to have? Will he stay here just because I want him to stay?” His eyes lit up. “How are you so sure he won’t? Perhaps he’ll stay behind if you make your wish known?” Cameron was astonished for a split second. She then raised her head and looked at Sunny after a moment. “Dad, I don’t really get what you just said. Why don’t you give it to me straight? I intended to ask you about this too. Do you want to take him in as your son?” Sunny was at a loss for words. His fists got so hard as he was on the brink of cracking her head open to see what was wrong with her brain. He calmed himself down and said earnestly, “You’re right. I indeed want to do so. But he already has a biological father, so how can I make him my son? So use that brain of yours and give it

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