Chapter 2188

The maid responded with a chuckle, “How can you misunderstand Mr. Southern Sr.’s intention so much? You’re his only daughter, so even if you get married, you’ll still be his daughter. Why would he cut off his relationship with you just because you’re married?” The other maid added, “Yes, although it’s said that daughters and dead fish are no keeping wares, that’s only feasible in certain situations. Mr. Southern Sr. loves you so much. There’s no way that he’ll refuse to recognize you as his daughter after you’ve gotten married. A woman’s maiden family will always be her biggest backing.” Cameron frowned. ‘It does seem that the dream is quite the opposite when compared to reality. How could Dad be as ruthless as he was in the dream? I might’ve overthought this and gotten too anxious and worried.’ The two maids exchanged gazes and giggled. “Ms. Southern all of us think Mr. Goldmann is a pretty good choice.” She was startled. “Care to elaborate on that?” “He looks handsome and charm

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