Chapter 2195

Mahina smiled. “I know that’ll be the truth.” … Cameron opened her eyes and suddenly realized that she was lying in a hospital bed. She then heard Sunny and Mahina’s voices. When they saw that she was awake, Sunny immediately walked over, looking worried. “Cam, you’re awake.” Mahina smiled. “You’re finally up. I’ll go get the doctor!” The doctor walked in and checked her, then spoke to Sunny. “She’s fine. Other than some liquid in her lung and a low fever, she’s alright.” Sunny nodded. “Thanks.” Mahina sat at the edge of the bed and asked, “How do you feel?” Cameron stared at the ceiling and didn’t answer. Sunny adjusted the grip on his cane. He was relieved but remembered something, and anger crawled back up. “You knew that Donald wouldn’t do anything even after he kidnapped you. All you needed to do was sit and wait for us to rescue you, but you just had to go against them. If Willie hadn’t saved you, I would have had to bury you instead of the other way around.” After sayi

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