Chapter 2196

Cameron was momentarily stunned and fell silent. Honestly, she did not know why she wanted to jump, either. She hated the sea, but she was still living on the island. She woke up to the sea every day but just couldn’t bring herself to like it. Cameron chose to stay in her room whenever she went to the sea to do business. She would never stay on the deck if she had nothing to do. When she found Nollace at sea, she had asked her crew to fish him out. In fact, she did not have to save him at all. After all, she did not have to care if he was alive or dead. But perhaps she thought about how her mother died in that freezing sea, so she changed her mind. Why would she choose to jump at that time? Was it because she did not want to fall into Donald’s hands and bring trouble to the Southern Clan? She was not sure about it. Cameron glanced at the pink pig plushie in Waylon’s hand as a trace of disgust crossed her eyes. “What are you? Kid? Don’t you feel embarrassed?” Waylon chuckled,

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