Chapter 2197

Donald was going to take over all of Fabio’s territory on the island today. This would be the only way if he wanted to go up against the Southern Clan. Chunky nodded. “Roger that, sir.” … The Southern Clan soon learned that Donald had taken over the southwest district. However, due to the cruelty of the Skull Club, several organizations in the southwest district refused to comply with Donald's orders. The shops were closed due to the chaos there. Even the passersby and local tourists were affected and had no choice but to hide in hotels. Sunny, Waylon, and others gathered in a private room in Yuzu Villa to figure out a way to solve this issue. After listening to Mahina’s report, Quincy commented angrily, “The way Donald does this will only leave the East Islands with a bad reputation. It'll also affect the business of the Southern Clan. If he does take control of Fabio's territory, I'm afraid the public won’t accept it.” “Since he's doing this, it means he doesn't care about the

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