Chapter 2220

“Leave it to me.” The boy was doubtful. “Can you do it?” Cameron picked up the dart and aimed at the balloons. “This is as simple as ABC. Just watch.” After a few seconds, she threw the dart with precision. One of the balloons popped. The boy was stunned. Even the owner was dumbfounded. ‘Is this beginner’s luck or what?’ The boy then pointed at a teddy bear. “I want that.” Cameron continued with the game and threw it diagonally this time around. The dart punctured three balloons in a row. The boy leaped into the air happily. “Wow, you’re amazing!” Even the few children who were watching from the side could not hold themselves back now and started surrounding her. “We want toys too!” “Okay, one by one!” The owner could no longer sit still and hurried over. “Miss, if you play like this, I’ll go bankrupt really soon.” Cameron sneered. “It’s not that I’m not paying you. Besides, you hung them up, which means they’re up for grabs, aren’t they?” It was well said and extremely

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