Chapter 2221

If there were generous patrons like him daily, he would be able to get three houses in an upscale place. Cameron felt more relaxed after moving around. She suddenly heard a scream from up top and a roller-coaster passing over their heads. Her eyes shone as she tugged Waylon’s hand. “That one?” Waylon raised his brows. “Are you sure?’ She smiled. “Are you scared?” He squinted. “As long as you’re not.” Cameron ran toward the roller-coaster, and Waylon followed after. They got into a car, and Cameron could see the surrounding areas and the people getting smaller and smaller as it slowly started moving and climbing upward. Since it wasn’t too quick, she was suspicious. “Why is this going so slow? Isn’t it supposed to be fast?” The other guest turned back to look at her as if they were looking at a retard. Waylon laughed. “Can’t you just wait for a little while?” The roller-coaster suddenly stopped, then Cameron frowned. “Is there a problem with the electricity?” The next mom

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