Chapter 2223

Waylon laughed. “To see my brother.” Cameron paused and was curious. “Coleman? Why do I need to see him?’ Waylon held onto the steering wheel and started the engine. “As his sister-in-law, you should meet him.” ‘S-Sister-in-law?’ Cameron’s face was even hotter, and she started stuttering. “I’m not married to you yet and have not agreed to do so. No, I won’t ever marry you!” Waylon smiled and didn’t speak. At Blackgold… Cameron walked into the lobby with Waylon. She looked around at the decor. It was indeed what the biggest group in Bassburgh would look like—elegant and classy. Everything ran with the help of AI, holograms, and even the concierge had been replaced by AI. The employees were not required to punch in, and instead, they used facial recognition to confirm their attendance. Waylon and Cameron took the elevator to the administration office. When the employees saw him, they were all shocked because their president was supposed to be in his office. Leonard walked ou

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