Chapter 2224

“Yes, Ms. Peterson was great, and that psychologist, Ms. Blueman too. I heard Mr. Goldmann say that she was from his school and went overseas to study and went into psychology. She was beautiful and kind, much better than Ms. Pruitt.” Cameron watched while they disappeared around the corner, then squinted. ‘The Mr. Goldmann whom they were talking about is probably Wayne’s brother.’ Cameron touched her chin. ‘The two women were having discussions about the boss’ girlfriend behind his back. Interesting.’ In the office… Waylon ran his fingers over his watch and looked up. “Jessie Blueman?” Colton looked at his tea. “We were in the same school, but I don’t remember her. I was trying to get a psychologist for Deedee, and she’s in the field, so I appointed her.” “Cole, what do you think about Deedee?” Waylon crossed his fingers and rested them on his knee. “Do you think Freyja doesn’t care about you because she only cares about Deedee?” “I…” Colton rubbed his nose. “I was just too an

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