Chapter 2236

Freyja rested her forehead on Colton’s chest and leaned against him. Colton was startled, noticed her tense body, and stretched out his hand to hug her. “What’s the matter?” “Can we find another psychologist for Deedee?” She hesitated for a long time before she spoke. ‘Even though Deedee’s condition is serious, what could’ve gone wrong when a psychologist can’t even start to lead her in the right direction after half a year and might even have made her condition worse? ‘And it’s impossible for Deedee to reject treatment and medicine for no reason.’ After listening to Deedee's sequelae after taking medicine, insomnia, headaches, and nightmares, Freyja could not help but think of what Deedee had said when she hurt herself six months ago. ‘She’s a simple child. She might choose to lie, but she would never frame someone else. When others ask her to do something, she’ll just do it. She won’t take any other things into consideration because her thoughts are just that simple. ‘How coul

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