Chapter 2237

Colton lifted her cheek, rubbed her warm tears away, and kissed her, “Even if it’s a mistake, we can only dash to the end of things with this mistake. Freyja Pruitt, I don’t have the habit of changing wives, so I won’t allow you to change either.” After Freyja calmed down and fell asleep, Colton summoned a family doctor to the villa to examine her. When the doctor came out of the room, he said, “Mr. Goldmann, as a husband, don’t let your pregnant wife’s mood fluctuate too much. You have to divert her attention. Excessive negativity and emotional ups and downs in pregnant women can easily lead to postpartum depression.” Colton could not help but clench his fists, but he then loosened them and nodded. “Okay, understood.” After the doctor left, Colton looked toward the bedroom, and he suddenly thought of what Waylon had said to him: that Deedee was not an obstacle between them because Deedee had existed way before his appearance. ‘Since I’ve chosen to accept, Deedee should never be t

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