Chapter 2241

Jessie quietly observed Colton’s expressions and saw that he was frowning. She thought about it and said, “I don’t know why Ms. Pruitt is so hostile toward me. Maybe it’s because she’s afraid that I might hurt Deedee. She really cares a lot about her.” Colton nodded and loosened his watch. “Deedee is her niece, so it makes total sense that she cares about her.” Jessie’s smile froze, but she added, “That’s true, but now that she’s pregnant, she shouldn’t only focus on Deedee. She should take care of her own child too.” Colton was silent in thought. Jessie looked at him. “Mr. Goldmann, seeing how much she cares about Deedee, what happens if Deedee refuses therapy? I’m worried about the child.” Colton snapped on his watch but paused and raised his brows at her when he heard what she said. “You don’t need to worry about that. Just focus on her treatment. I have a meeting, so I need to go now.” He then walked away without looking back. Jessie watched as he walked away. Her face dro

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