Chapter 2242

In the house... The maid brought them tea and some fruits. Cameron glanced at Deedee sitting next to Freyja, remembered the rumors at Blackgold, and guessed that this girl was the ‘niece’ they were talking about. She looked at Deedee, who looked back. Cameron smiled at her. Deedee was surprised and looked down. Cameron looked at the cautious little girl in pigtails and weirdly felt touched. She looked like Mahina when she was a child, except Mahina was braver at her age. The maid brought over some cookies. Deedee saw that and wanted some but didn’t dare take them herself. Cameron picked one up and handed it to her. Deedee didn’t take it. Cameron held her little hand, helped her hold the cookie, smiled, and said, “Have some.” Deedee looked at the cookie in her hand, then at Cameron, and started munching on it. Cameron watched while she ate like a little hamster biting on sunflower seeds. Freyja and Waylon were looking at her, and Freyja was especially shocked. Ever si

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