Chapter 2249

Cameron put Deedee on her lap. “Why are you so afraid of this uncle? You don’t need to be scared of him. He doesn’t eat people.” Waylon squinted when Cameron called him uncle. Deedee said in a low voice, “My uncle doesn’t like me.” Cameron knew that she was talking about Waylon’s brother. She grabbed her hand and asked, “Then can you tell me why that uncle doesn’t like you?” She waited for a long while, but Deedee refused to open her mouth. Cameron then pressed on and said, “This uncle isn’t the same uncle that lives with you. They’re brothers, so they look alike. Come, take a good look at this uncle.” She turned Deedee over to look at Waylon and said, “Even though he has this weird smile on his face and likes to bully other people, he likes you very much.” Waylon chuckled. ‘A weird smile? I like to bully other people? So that’s what she thinks of me?’ Deedee seemed to have noticed the difference between Waylon and Colton, and her fear slowly ebbed away. Cameron caressed

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