Chapter 2250

If Deedee couldn’t get over it or accept it, the gossip and criticism would destroy her. The vilest thing in this world was rumors. If they did not do something about it, Deedee might get affected and fall into the wrong path in the future. Cameron parted her lips slowly and said, “I won’t let that happen to Deedee. She’s a good kid. She shouldn't be judged because of one mistake. Besides, she doesn't get to choose her own parents, so why should she bear these mistakes that don't belong to her? “And about that psychologist that your brother hired. She taught Deedee to hurt herself. I think that psychologist is the one with mental illness.” Waylon frowned, “Seriously?” He had run a background check on Jessie. She indeed came from the same school as Daisie and Colton, so she must be the real deal. Besides, she was a real psychologist with medical credentials. Her university had all her records and name, and she had never violated any rules during her studies. Her identity was r

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