Chapter 2254

Waylon stroked the dial of his watch with his fingertips and lifted his gaze. “Isn’t she the psychologist?” ‘It seems that he’s discovered that something’s wrong.’ Leonardo whispered, “I don’t know what’s gone wrong with Mr. Goldmann. He’s the one who asked me to look into her background.” Waylon smiled. “Then, did you find anything?” “Not yet...” After replying to the question, Leonardo thought of something and stopped for a split second. “But Ms. Blueman has been coming to the company very often recently, like once every two to three days. And that’s rather strange to me.” Waylon squinted. “Since when have the rumors about Freyja started spreading in the company?” Leonardo was caught off guard and gave it a good thought for a moment. “About this... Mr. Goldmann has questioned the people in all the departments, and they claimed that the rumors have been spreading around since half a year ago. It’s just they didn’t dare to talk about them when Mr. Goldmann and I were around.” He

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