Chapter 2255

Freyja watched them go out, and the maid beside her said with a smile, “Ms. Deedee seems to really like playing with Ms. Southern.” She added, “I believe that Ms. Southern will open up Ms. Deedee’s heart.” Cameron and Deedee walked out of the courtyard, and the two got into her car. At this time, the people sitting in a car parked not far away quietly followed after seeing their car leave. Cameron played a nursery rhyme to Deedee in the car and gave her a Barbie doll that she had prepared for her in the car. Deedee sat in the back seat, and the beautiful Barbie doll in her hand had obviously captured her attention. Cameron looked in the rearview mirror and smiled. “Deedee, do you like Barbie dolls?” She lifted her head. “Yes.” “Glad to hear that.” All of a sudden, something clicked in her mind, and she suggested with a smile, “Deedee, how about you come over and stay with me tonight? I’ve bought a lot of toys for you.” ‘With Deedee around the villa, Wayne would not dare to ma

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