Chapter 2257

“Yes. Jessie Blueman always acted as if she was above us, nurses. She didn’t want to spend time with us but was pretty close with the doctors from the Surgery Department.” Leonardo squinted in thought. The nurse didn’t seem to think highly of Jessie. “Do you know why she resigned?” The nurse laughed. “Because of Dr. Jeffordson. She’s his ex, and they were together for half a year. I heard him say that he bought a house in the center of Asperia so that they could get married, but Jessie was pregnant. She said that the child was his, but we all knew that he had been on the night shift for the entire month and didn’t have time to see her. It was impossible that the child was his. “After Dr. Jeffordson found out about that, they had a huge fight, and then she quit. I guess she was feeling guilty.” Leonardo frowned. “Were there any problems with her other patients?” The nurse replied, “There weren’t any issues with her sessions. Lots of people sought therapy from her. By the way, m

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