Chapter 2258

Deedee watched while her peers left with their parents. She held onto her cone and looked dismayed. She heard footsteps approaching and turned around to see a woman she didn’t know standing next to her, looking dark. She stood up in fear. She fell to the ground because the woman suddenly slapped her. Her ice cream fell to the ground and blended in with the mud. That woman wouldn’t let her go and grabbed onto her hair like a mad woman. “You little b*tch, I finally caught you. How could you be seducing men at this age? You’re just as shameless as your mother. I’m going to teach you a lesson today.” The woman kicked Deedee, which made her cry out in pain, as though her grandmother was hitting her. Her eyes slowly lost hope and started dimming. After a few kicks, she wasn’t done yet and ended up sitting on her and choking her neck. Deedee was almost out of breath. When Cameron came back, she saw that and rushed forward to kick the woman to the ground. Deedee’s voice was hoar

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