Chapter 2259

Cameron had forced West to contact that man, and the latter confirmed where they would meet the next day. He had also found out the owner of the phone from the mobile service provider. She had assumed that leaving Deedee at the park with the children would be fine, but she didn’t expect that someone would attack her. When she saw the bruises Deedee had, including the choking marks on her neck, she felt extremely guilty. A group of people walked out of the elevator. She looked up and saw that Waylon was walking ahead of the bodyguards. Waylon frowned and stopped in front of her. “How’s Deedee?” “I don’t know yet…” Cameron stood up and looked down. “I’m sorry. It was my fault.” Waylon placed a hand on her shoulder. “You can’t change anything now. Let’s see what the doctor has to say.” Soon after that, the doctor walked out of the room. Cameron immediately walked forward and asked, “How is she?” “Her injuries aren’t severe, so she’s mostly fine. You parents need to take bett

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