Chapter 2260

“Of course,” Cameron said in a serious tone. “Deedee was admitted because of my negligence. I have the biggest responsibility.” Waylon pulled her into his arms which surprised her. He leaned in and planted his lips on her forehead. “Don’t worry. I’m here.” She looked away. “I don’t need you to help me…” Waylon pinched her chin. “You better think about it. Freyja is pregnant. If she finds out that Deedee is hurt, can you really bear the consequences if anything happens to her?” Cameron froze. She never thought about that. Pregnant women shouldn’t be under stress. If anything happened to Freyja, the Goldmanns would cut her into pieces. She pressed her lips together. “How would you help me?” He smiled. “It’d be easier if you were part of the family.” Cameron stared at him and moved her hand away after a long pause. “You’re trying to fool me again?” Waylon adjusted his coat and raised his brows. “Do you really think that way?” She turned around. “Even if Freyja is pregnant, she

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