Chapter 2264

Gina told the reporters that Cameron could escape from her responsibilities because she had someone to back her up. She also said that Cameron was a homewrecker who destroyed her family and had an illegitimate daughter with her husband. The title "A homewrecker beating up the first wife" was spread all over the internet. Some netizens who did not know the truth began their crusade against Cameron, throwing all sorts of nasty insults at her on the Internet. Cameron was still unaware of the things happening on the Internet. She picked Deedee up from the hospital, and just when both of them walked out of the gate, someone threw a bottle of water at them. Cameron hastily pulled Deedee away. “Here she is! The shameless homewrecker! She has appeared!” “The homewrecker is here!” A group of people gathered up at the gate. Even the reporters had arrived as well. All of them surrounded Cameron and Deedee. “Both of you should go to hell!” Someone threw an egg at them, and Cameron stepp

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