Chapter 2265

A reporter mumbled, “But Mrs. George told us about that herself…” Waylon chuckled. “Why don’t you take your phone out and check the Internet now?” The group of reporters and the crowd all took their phones out. When they saw what was happening on the Internet, they were stunned. The surveillance camera in the garden had captured the whole thing. It was Gina who was frantically beating up a girl. That was why Cameron was so angry that she kicked her away. Besides, Gina did not tell the media that she had beaten a kid but just that Cameron had beat her up. The netizens began to split into two factions. One faction thought that Gina deserved to be beaten, while the other faction felt that Gina did not do anything wrong since she was beating the daughter of the homewrecker, so the kid did not deserve any sympathy. However, this group of people once again got slapped in their faces when another piece of news came out and revealed that the kid that got beaten up by Gina was the niece

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