Chapter 2266

After saying that, Cameron looked at Deedee. “In the future, you’ll have to become as strong as me, okay?” Deedee nodded. “Okay.” Cameron left Deedee’s room and saw Waylon standing in the corridor. She placed her hands together behind her back and stepped forward. “Deedee likes the room that you prepared for her.” Waylon lifted his gaze. “Glad to hear that.” Cameron took a closer look at him. “You don’t seem to be the kind of man that knows the style and design that little girls like.” He chuckled, lowered his head, and approached her. “After all, I’m preparing myself for our daughter in the future.” She choked on her own saliva, and her cheeks flushed instantly. “You... What horsecr*p are you talking about? Who ever told you that I want to have a baby with you? You pervert.” She was about to flee, but Waylon pushed her against the wall first. Before she could speak again, her lips had been sealed. He took her breath away with his scalding kiss. Cameron’s hands that were resti

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