Chapter 2299

Since Daisie was having a break, the crew had to finish other people’s parts first. The crew was discussing how professional Daisie was. She was willing to hold on even though she was sick in order to finish her own part. When Tiffany came out of her dressing room, she crossed her arms when she heard their discussion and said, “It’s nothing worth praising at all. She should’ve told us beforehand if she was sick. If something happens to her, she’ll only blame the director and you all.” The crew members looked at Tiffany, and one of them couldn’t help himself and ask, “What’s your problem with Daisie, Tiffany? Why does it seem to me that you don’t like her very much?” “That’s right. Daisie has never done any awful things before. Besides, she’s an award-winning actress. She didn’t complain about a mistake she didn’t make and repeated the scene again and again. Isn’t that enough to show how professional she is?” “She’s professional?” Tiffany scoffed coldly. “There are many more peop

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