Chapter 2300

Tiffany’s heart leaped into a gallop. “Does this mean that he’s going to believe in me and help me? This is great!’ “Okay. I’ll tell you the whole story.” Tiffany told Zephir everything. However, she was in the midst of the joy of being trusted by the object of her affection and failed to notice the coldness hidden in Zephir's eyes. After a short while, Zephir asked calmly, “Since I’m willing to believe in you, will you believe in me too?” She smiled. “Of course.” He replied with a smile and said, “In this case, let me tell you something. Nollace is looking into this, and I guess he’ll come and find you very soon.” Her smile froze, and she asked frantically, “Then what should I do?” Zephir looked at her and said, “I can help you, but how are you going to pay back the favor?” Tiffany said shyly, “I can give you whatever you want.” Zephir went closer to her and whispered into her ear. “Here’s the plan, and I just need you to do one thing.” … Nollace was watching the record

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