Chapter 2302

Tiffany actually was the one who knew best whether Nollace had cheated on Daisie or not. After all, that woman who Nollace was found meeting was an unknown influencer that she found online, and Tiffany was the person who paid her to put up a show at the hotel. But thinking of what Zephir had said to her, that that was the only way to divert Nollace’s attention away from herself, she had actually bitten the bullet and done it. ‘If they discover I am involved, that’s it. That’ll be the end of my acting career, so why should I still care about how things turn out? ‘Daisie is the one to blame for all this. She already has everything we normal humans can’t even dream of in our entire lives, yet she just had to set foot in the entertainment industry and compete with us.’ This incident had been spreading on the Internet for two days, and the popularity of the topic still had not diminished. However, Daisie still had not responded to anything on Twitter, not even a single word. And no one

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