Chapter 2303

The car drove through the crowd, leaving the pedestrians behind. Daisie took off her sunglasses and leaned against Nollace’s shoulder. “How could you have the guts to come and pick me up personally? Aren’t you afraid of being caught by them?” Nollace looked away from the laptop’s screen and wrapped his arms around her. “Have I ever been afraid of anything?” Daisie looked at him. “Then what do you plan to do next?” Nollace pecked her forehead and chuckled. “Do you really believe me?” Daisie fiddled with his tie. “If you really cheated on me, would you tell me about it?” After the incident, she was the first person Nollace turned to immediately after the incident. Thus, she chose to believe in Nollace. ‘Someone is setting him up. Nollace has become the target of this scam, so isn’t it obvious that someone is trying to sow discord between him and me?’ Nollace looked at her. “What did Zephir say to you when he came to visit you yesterday?” Daisie responded, “He didn’t seem to have

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