Chapter 230

Nolan was rendered speechless. What would the man who killed it in the business world be afraid of? The answer was his wife getting angry. Now his biggest fear was that his children would have unique ideas about him. He was going to get a heart attack. Maisie spoke to someone on the phone on the balcony. The other party said something, and Maisie looked down. “Thanks, Mr. Zidane. Please don’t tell my father about this.” The person on the other end said something back, and Maisie nodded. “Alright, we’ll speak tomorrow then.” Maisie put down her phone and looked coldly into the night view. She had seen what was the agenda behind dinner that night. Even if her dad insisted on being on her side, it was weak compared to how hungry Madam Vanderbilt and Yorick’s family were. If they could not make Stephen hand over Vaenna’s ownership, they would be thinking about taking it by force soon. And then there was Leila and Willow. Leila was clever enough not to be on the wrong side this ti

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